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fresh & colourful Hypericum.

We are Sun Kissed Flowers and through our network of preferred importers, exporters and wholesalers we supply florists worldwide exclusively with the wonderful Hypericum Coco Series®


Our international team of specialists works around the clock to create new varieties that are exclusively grown on our partner farms in the highlands of Ethiopia. Only this can ensure the top quality that has built our reputation over the years.

  • Lovely Hypericum from Ethiopia
    Lovely Hypericum from Ethiopia
  • Hypericum in the morning
    Order your Hypericum today and it will be freshly cut for you tomorrow morning.
  • Honest and Fair production
    Our fresh cut-flowers are grown with respect for people and the environment.  

fascinated with quality!

We believe that you should daily enjoy your cut-flowers at home, work or event. By this reason we think that your local florist should always receive the freshest Hypericum. Hypericum with colourful berries which nicely mixes with other flowers in a bouquet or arrangement.




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  1. Hypericum Coco Avanti
    Hypericum Coco Avanti

    The Hypericum Coco Avanti® was introduced in 2011 and is, because of its round shape and color, a unique variety in the Hypericum market.

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  2. Hypericum Coco Bamboo
    Hypericum Coco Bamboo

    Hypericum Coco Bamboo is inspired from the “Bamboo”, flowering perennial evergreen plants. It comes into the color of green, which signifies the beauty of nature. It is ideal for bouquet and special arrangements due to its refreshing and relaxing nature look.

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  3. Hypericum Coco Casino
    Hypericum Coco Casino

    Hypericum Coco Casino, with its eccentric facade, is one of our new varieties. The light pink colors of berries distinguish its sweet and appealing image. Absolutely great for floral arrangements.

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